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On Sunday, we got up early (but not as early as the day before) and headed south to Tulum. It's another town, on the coast, with Mayan ruins. It's one of the best preserved coastal ruin sites and it's only a couple hours from Cancun, so might as well go check it out!

The first thing we did was drive through town and look for some breakfast. We finally found an open taco stand...
And they were delicious!

We headed back to the ruins entrance (they weren't open yet when we arrived, hence the breakfast search) and we were greeted by some tourist information people. They spoke really good English, and they explained a bunch of different options we could take that day... a boat cruise to see the ruins from the water, a trip including a visit to a cenote, different places to park, etc. I thought they all sounded pretty expensive and I just kind of wanted to go to the ruins and then hang out on the beach for the day. After I said that to Andrew, he said that sounded perfect as we had been going pretty hard the whole time (and hadn't even really been to the beach at all!). So we parked our car with the guys (probably didn't need to do that, but oh well) and then made sure to use the restroom before heading into the ruins.
We made it!
We thought this was pretty cute!

We walked about 1km to the entrance and there was quite a long line. Turns out on Sundays, all of these cultural sites are free to citizens and permanent residents, so a lot of people were there to visit. There were still all of the covid requirements in place, like masks, temperature checks and hand sanitizer. Since there were so many more people, it was hard to avoid them the way we did the day before at Chichen Itza, but we were still some of the first people there, so that definitely helped.
Look, it's the ocean!
Taking a photo of a photo.
The good thing about the Tulum ruins is there were a ton of informational signs. You didn't really need the tour guide like you did at Chichen Itza.

Lots of ruins
The beach!
The jungle!
The beach again! Usually you can go to the beach here (and they say to get there super early to get a spot) but it is currently closed due to covid.
Walking around checking out more ruins. I was feeling pretty tired from the lack of stopping on this trip, so I wasn't appreciating the ruins as much as I had the day before. There's also something I found I get a lot, which is fatigue. In Asia, it's temple fatigue. In Europe, it's church fatigue. I guess in Mexico, it's Mayan ruins fatigue. We had only seen them one other day, but I think just due to my tiredness, I was over it faster than normal.
Another view of the beach. This was what you could see from the water had we taken the boat tour. Meh.
You can see the staircase that goes down to the beach. It was roped off.
We found a friend!
What's behind the window? Or is it a door??
It was a lovely view though.
A jungle walk. We were finally not around people but I guess I still hadn't taken my mask off.
It's not as big of a site as Chichen Itza, but it almost seems like it because it's all together and you can see everything, instead of having to go to different places to see something new.
It was a hot and sunny day... definitely time for the beach!
And this was at the point where there were just huge groups of people arriving and going on tours. Time to head out. We've seen enough.

So let's go to the beach! We started walking and went to the main beach, which was about a 20 min walk from the ruins. We got there and there was a restaurant right away, but we decided to keep walking. Since Andrew hadn't seen the sun in who knows how long, we definitely had to find a place that had some shade as he would lobster if he was in the sun all day. I would too, even though I had a pretty good tan from biking outside all summer. We ended up renting some beach chairs about halfway down the beach at a place where they had some trees, umbrellas, and full service. PERFECT.
Time to relax. Looks like we have the beach to ourselves!
But we don't. It did get a lot more crowded as the day continued, but it wasn't bad. The chairs were all socially distanced and people kept to themselves.
I looked at the menu and thought 2 things. One, I need to drink beer cause it's cheap. And two, I need to drink beer cause we still have a two hour drive in front of us and I figured that I would be the one driving home... Andrew ordered us a tequila shot, but I only had one. He continued to chase tequila shots with margaritas all day... you'll see his wasted face a little further down the page haha.
I did have one mojito though, after my nap and a swim. Man I love those things.
Andrew relaxing next to his shot and margarita haha.

We stayed long enough at the beach that we ate twice. The first time, we got a fajita mix for two. It came with a bunch of different meats and even some fried cheese. And of course, salsas... plus we got pico, guac and black bean sauce. It was pretty tasty.
Round two was ceviche. Duh.
At one point we were serenaded by this little band.
This is what I look like when Andrew takes a photo of me to send to his friends in Chicago.
And this is what Andrew looks like when he's taking the photo!

So we were in Cancun at the end of the rainy season... and that became apparent around 4pm. I thought we should be heading out soon anyway since we had to get back to Cancun, plus there was a brewery I wanted to stop at in Playa del Carmen. And then the downpour started. Like full on, 20 minute, downpour. Everything we had was soaked. The towels, my sarong... luckily most of my clothes were fairly dry in my backpack. So once it stopped, I went to the bathrooms at the restaurant we were sitting in front of and changed. When I came back, drunk Andrew decided he needed to change too.
And somehow he broke his chair in the process...

We finally got everything packed up and I got Andrew moving in the direction of the car. He kept trying to get me to carry all of his stuff so he could walk in the water and I wouldn't do it haha! I was carrying soaking wet beach towels... those things get heavy with a 30 minute walk!

Finally we got back.
Both of us.

We got to the car and Andrew decided he needed to pee, so he went and peed on a building, then promptly passed out in the car the whole way home. I finally, after a few times turning around and trying again, found the brewery... but it was actually closed. Bummer. So we just headed back to the B&B. Andrew was ready to just pass out but I made him shower and change so we could go out and eat supper... cause I was hungry again! We headed to a place we had walked by (El Poblano) to go to the brewery and stopped there for some food.

We had sangria followed by a margarita, queso fundido (Andrew's favorite), I had a taco mix (above) and he had shrimp kabobs.

By this time, I was ready to go home! We headed back and promptly went to bed.

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